Reflection on Lenten Season

News March 3, 2022

Dear Parishioners,

In a very special way, today we have started the Lenten Season, a Journey of 40 days, preparing us to celebrate the Easter Festivities.

We began the Season by the mark of cross, on our foreheads, with words of faith like “remember you are dust and to dust you shall return” and Repent and believe the Gospel”

I am always touched by the two formulas above used on Ashe Wednesday, more especially the one of “dust”.

The Church reminds us that, we are mortal and limited beings. Our life shall come to an end, our bodies shall go to dust and our souls shall return to their eternal Creator. As longer as we live, we have a duty to strive to live well and meaningfully

During this special time, we are invited to reflect on what bring us close to God, and at the same time to strive as much as we can to avoid what brings us sin and discomfort.

 It is a time to change habits which are not life giving and strive to search and acquire good habits which will promote the life of God in us. To achieve this, we need to be faithful in prayers and fasting.  May the Spirit of Christ guide and accompany us during these 40 days.

I wish you a very blessed Lenten Season.

Fr. Chacha, Sma.