December Update

News December 8, 2022

Dear Friends,

Journeying in this hopeful Season of Advent, preparing to celebrate the birth of Christ, we
thank the Good Lord for His blessings.

Advent is a hopeful Season that invites us to share more of our love with the people around us.
We can do this by charitable giving during this holiday season, so that those in need can also
celebrate it well. Moreover, it invites us to pray, to change our inner selves and to be more
open to the guidance of the Spirit.

A lot has been happening in the parish, but God has always been faithful and patient with us.
We had the opportunity to work with Mr. Bill Wallace as the Business Manager at our Parish
who did a great job. Bill has semiretired and we wish him many blessings. We welcome his
capable replacement, Cori M. Connor-Morse.

We also had the joy of celebrating the confirmation of 18 candidates from our communities at
the end of October. I want to thank all the parents, faith formation teachers and the candidates
themselves for having persevered until the end and received their Confirmation from Bishop
Mark O’Connell.

Christmas is getting close. I would like to outline the Mass Schedule:
Christmas Eve-Saturday, 12/24/2022.
4:00 PM …Vigil Mass; 7:30 PM…Vietnamese Mass; 11:00 PM…Midnight Mass. All Masses shall
be in the upper Church.
Christmas Day-Sunday, 12/25/2022.
8:00 and 10:00 AM (English); 12:00 PM in Spanish and 4:00 PM in Haitian Creole.
New Year’s Eve- Saturday, 12/31/2022.
4:00 PM…Vigil Mass and 7:30 PM…Vietnamese Mass.
New Year’s Day-Sunday, 1/1/2023.
8:00 and 10:00 AM (English); 12:00 PM (Spanish); 4:00 PM (Haitian Creole).

Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year!