Everett Multicultural Celebration! - POSTPONED UNTIL SPRING 2022

Everett Multicultural Celebration! - POSTPONED UNTIL SPRING 2022

News August 18, 2021

UPDATE: Due to covid restrictions, our event has been postponed until spring 2022. Please be sure to check back here for more information.


To you, wherever you are!
While enjoying the beautiful Summer, either alone or with family and friends, and observing what is happening around us, we are grateful for all that has been and try to make the best use of this time to renew ourselves.
At the Parish, things are happening. We have decided to come together on September 25, 2021 at the Immaculate Conception School on Summer St, Everett, to celebrate our Parish Multicultural Festival. Our aim is to bring our Parish Community together to get to know each other.
We are a diverse community. Apart from sharing our faith, we would like to share cultural and traditional richness: through our ethnic foods (some prepared at home, others at the festival), through our dances, through music and songs and various games for our children
Kindly Save the Date and don’t miss the beautiful events and celebration from our Haitian, Spanish, Vietnamese and Anglo communities as well as many others from different countries in Africa. Come and celebrate with us!
We have been busy with the material and spiritual care of the Church. Through your generosity in the Inspiring Hope Campaign, we have been able to repair the Porches of the Rectory and repoint church bricks. We are planning to paint the blocks of the Church, and work on the stained glass windows, As you can see, there is a lot a work involved.
We are sincerely thankful for your kind donations. May the good Lord bless you abundantly.

Father Chacha, SMA.